Friday, 18 March 2016

MMM Global Bitcoin Republic celebrate 1 Year Birthday (South Africa, United Kingdom, Lesotho, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, United States, China, Singapore, Australia, Nigeria, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Canada, Japan)

Whole world celebrate 1 year birth day of MMM Global!!! Now MMM Global with Bitcoin is going good in South Africa, United Kingdom, Lesotho, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates, China, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Morocco, Nigeria, Malaysia, Swaziland, Philippines, Japan, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Pakistan and many other countries!

1. Extra Income
A new period of innovations has come to the Community. The MMM Extra program is being introduced. The Community becomes even more developed, dynamic and progressive while its participants get new extra income opportunities.
Now, every participant (firstly of the Bitcoin Republic, and then of the whole MMM) will be daily offered a simple web-task related to the activities in the social networks and forums that generate extra traffic to the MMM website. MAVROs of those who complete all tasks of the month will grow at 100% while MAVROs of those who don’t complete any task will grow at 20%. Meanwhile, MAVROs won’t grow on Tuesdays and Thursdays only but every day. The day when the task is completed appropriately MAVROs grow twice more.
100% per month is much more than 30% the participants got earlier regardless of their activity. It’s simple arithmetic:

At 100% per month the contributed amount grows almost 4096 times per year (409600% per year)!
At 30% - 23 times per year.
At 20% - 8.9 times per year.
Just think about it. If you complete all tasks you get almost 460 times higher income than those who don’t do it! These 100% per month give you 178 times higher revenues compared to the previous month when MAVROs increased by 30% per month.
Thanks to the MMM Extra program, the offered conditions have become even more favorable and attractive. If you’re thinking of your own welfare and the welfare of your familiars and MMM as a whole you’ll unlikely lose such opportunity and will complete the web-tasks.
 Nevertheless, due to the MMM Extra program the system becomes much more reliable. What were the reasons of the restarts and pauses? The lack of the activity from the part of the the managers and the absence of the sufficient growth dynamics. Now, thanks to the MMM Extra program all participants are involved in the daily activities concerning the development of the Community. Moreover, if there are difficulties in one country the participants from other countries will complete the tasks oriented to develop this country.
2. Extra Stability
MMM gives every participant the opportunity of getting 100% income per month. It’s higher than the interest rate of any bank or profitability of any business. However, as you know MMM doesn’t provide any guarantees for the contributed money. There are risks in MMM, and everybody is openly warned about them. It’s logical as high risks are the flip side of high profitability. Despite pauses and restarts have never suspended the activity of the Community there’s nothing to hide – these measures aren’t the pleasant ones for the participants.
Therefore, MMM Extra accelerates the development and reduces the risks significantly. At the certain moment, the Pause mode helped to reduce the restart risks. Now, the implementation of the MMM Extra program reduces the risks of any payment delays. It’s a great step towards ideal mutual aid Community protected both from external and internal negative influences.
3. Extra Development
MMM is the global Community that aims to enter all every country and involve the maximum number of people all over the world. The more people participate in the Community the more stable it is and risks for every participant are lower.
In order to accelerate its development the MMM Extra program is being implemented. It is smart and efficient tool that helps to act in any branch moving all power of the Community in the direction considered as priority.
In the framework of the program MMM Extra an enormous tasks base and regulating mechanism have been elaborated in order to show certain tasks to the certain participants. At the start, the model will be approved in the Bitcoin Republic, and than will be introduced in all countries. Consequently, when needed to improve the dynamics of an Asiatic country all participants all over the world will work in the tasks connected with the activity in the forums and groups of this country. If it’s necessary to start working in a new country all participants of the MMM Community forward their efforts over there.
The efficiency of the offered tasks will be constantly analyzed on the base of the tasks performance statistics, website visitors, registrations and deposits growth rates. Therefore, the quality of the tasks and the value will increase.
MMM Extra is an adjustable and progressive model for the Community development. But it isn’t just about the perfection of the model. The way it will be carried out is important, and it depends on the participants of the Community. Work on the tasks regularly and help other participants making our common home MMM stronger and better.
4. Extra Fair
MMM isn’t business project but community. We have no investors but participants whose activity influences on the overall results. The success of each one depends on the common success.
Unfortunately, we’ve observed many passive participants. People provided help but didn’t contribute to the development of the Community. However, the MAVROs interest rate was the same for those who really worked and those who weren’t active. Frankly saying, it wasn’t fair.
Now, thanks to the MMM Extra program there’s another tool for extra remuneration of the most loyal and responsible participants of the Community. It means the MAVROs of those who complete all tasks during the month will grow twice quicker – at 100% instead of 20%.
The MMM Extra program is very flexible, and, therefore, fair. The tasks are assigned daily. Those who want to get higher interest this or that day have to complete the current task. The tasks will be simple. The participants don’t need any special knowledge or additional software but diligence and willingness. The increased profitability is available for everybody. There are no obstacles, and all participants have the same rights and opportunities. However, the way of using these opportunities depends only on a participant. MMM Extra has already provided you all necessary tools for reaching success.
5. Extra Energy
Many people join MMM for the money. However, with time the participants understand the ideology of MMM and become conscious of its potential. That is important. Why does MMM exist much more than many online and MLM projects?! Because there is a core of participants who treat MMM as their own deal. When your relatives get in troubles you don’t leave them to fend for themselves. You rather do your best to help them. So, MMM is just the same, it’s a living body. If there are difficulties the authentic participant won’t leave the Community but will try to work better.
MMM team chemistry. It’s impossible to act globally and reach ambitious goals we set without team chemistry. But how does this team chemistry appear and how is it possible to provide the maximum number of participants with this feeling?
Firstly, everybody has to see that there’s justice in MMM concerning both final goals and individual aims. The MMM Extra program gives active participants training and extra income opportunities. There’s already no artificial equalization. The remuneration to each participant is personalized, therefore, it more fair.
Secondly, the participants have to be involved into the development activities of the Community. When you invest only your money you don’t appreciate the project and start to look for another one when facing first challenges. However, if you invest your time, efforts and expectations you become a real member of the Community. The MMM Extra program gives both managers and ordinary participants an opportunity to feel involved in the common cause, in the growing and global movement.