Monday, 18 April 2016



James clearly explained the abbreviation MMM.  There was peer-to-peer donation exchange whereby those who willingly wanted to provide help were matched to those who were in need. There was no central account. He then introduced his colleague Max who thought of sharing in Zulu so that everyone could hear.
Max shared that whatever one donates grows by 30% in 30 days. MMM was a system with a technical program which matched the donator and receiver. You could access your Personal Office anywhere and anytime. One could donate R100 to R200 000 spare money. This was an opportunity to supplement what you have. He echoed, ‘ Make hay while the sun shines.’ and  not to wait for desperation to knock on your door. One can start with R100. Even the Bible says do not despise those who have small beginnings. Providing help with R1000 will give you R2200 in 3 months and R23 200 in a year. He said he had signed up in mmm on 1 December 2015. Why? Because in MMM you have the flexibility in the freedom to withdraw your money when you want it. When one had money one had choices. He made the audience laugh by saying if you think education is expensive compare it with ignorance. MMM is teamwork. You get manager bonuses, referral bonuses and registration bonuses. So he encouraged them to hang out with positive minded people who could build them not break them.
Forward with MMM