Monday, 18 April 2016



It was a touching presentation done by Lewis at Itlhokomeleng Old Age Home in Alexandra Township. He donated groceries and toiletries. The old aged are really taken care of at this home. They were smart looking and you could see some exercising.
Lewis began by introducing himself to the representative who identified himself as Busi. She said she was the financial manager of the home. She said the home took care of 106 residents and there was a home based care for 500 who came from home daily to get meet with others, get spiritual help and also exercise. Itlhokomeleng is a non-profit organisation which is helped by a private company and thgovernment as well. It was started by concerned men and women of Alexandra. They meet a shortfall of foodstuffs and they really thanked MMM for thinking about them. She wished MMM could have a partnership with them and get them a monthly donation. Lewis assured them that he would try to do that but her as an individual if she wanted could join MMM. He said it was one of the goals of MMM to give back to the community by supporting charities. Busi said she would really like that so that she can also help the home. So Lewis said he would take her through the registration process. Big up to team Lewis, Anna Mupedzi and Kelly. You have really touched the hearts of the community.