Monday, 18 April 2016



The presenter kick started the presentation by explaining triple MMM as he called it. He dispelled rumours that since it had triple M like 666(triple 6) it was satanic. No M was for Mavrodi (the surname of the founder), another M for Mondial in French meant Global and the last M standing for Movement. This is a movement to free people from financial bondage so that they move to financial freedom.
He explained how and why Sergey Mavrodi started the new financial order in Moscow, Russia in 2011. In MMM people donated to each other globally through use of Bitcoins and through Rands in South Africa. If you willingly decided to donate then you go and click Provide Help in the system and when you also needed help you click Get Help button in the system. The system connects the one who donates and the one who provides help with his/her spare money. The moment you join the system adds 1% to you daily accruing to 30% of Mavros every month. Also one would get a bonus depending on donation from $50 upwards. Just by inviting someone to join you would get a referral bonus of 10% of participant’s donation. He further explained risks one can meet but assured them that the system implements mechanisms to minimise the risks.
MMM! We change the world.