Saturday, 23 April 2016



MMM continues to spread the nets all over South Africa to reach everyone about this wonderful social network that has changed a lot of lives. This social network does not only help but the members become family. MMM guider Sithembiso visited the people of Hillbrow to share the news of MMM with this community.
He explained what MMM is all about and how it works, MMM is a mutual aid donation financial social network. It connects the one that wants to donate with the one who requested to get help. On explaining the 30% monthly he shared the biblical story that even God does not want one to be selfish with what you have like the servant in the bible who said his master was evil and dug the coin in the ground until his master came back. He went on that you can be that good servant, share it  and multiply it.
In MMM we donate the spare money hence growing it with 30% monthly. He urged that one must not be selfish once a member but share the news of MMM with others so that they can also get help or provide help and by doing so we help grow our community. On inviting someone you also get 10% of what that person brings.
With MMM you can only have one account for it is not an investment fund but a donation exchange.

Viva MMM