Monday, 18 April 2016



Lindiwe started by saying MMM was proud to say that MMM works. she explained what MMM stood for. She further explained how this was formed by Sergey Mavrodi as a way  to create a new financial order. Just like Mandela freed people from Apartheid, MMM freed people from financial bondage.
MMM is the fastest growing community in the world with over 14billion people assisted. She explained that if one willingly joined she would register then Provide Help and also Get help. Mavros grow by 30% per month from the  of deposit at a rate of 1% per day. In MMM one was assured 30% mavro growth per month, registration bonus for those who provided help of $50 and above, referral bonus of 105 of participants donation whom you invite to join MMM and lastly leader bonus for those who are managers. For you to be a manger it is free to do the 10 day online course.  She said those who had worked for years and years without becoming the was an opportunity to become one.she took them bit by bit how to register, access the personal office and to trade in bitcoins with MMM in the 118 countries. Risks were also discussed. She encouraged them to do charity events and invited them to accompany them to the charity event they had that week.
MMM! Giving back to the community.