Tuesday, 12 April 2016


From the 21st of March till the 3rd of April we offered a promo for participants who were registered during that period. The promo has demonstrated great results, but “old” participants complained a lot that they had no chance to take part in that promo.
So, we decided to give an opportunity for ALL THE PARTICIPANTS to buy MAVRO-40%. Mavro-40% will be available till the 13th of April inclusive (that is during the next 5 days).

The terms are very simple. In fact it is a two months plan. It means you should keep your Mavro-40% in the System at least for two months. Nevertheless, the Mavro-40% can be withdrawn earlier, but in that case you will get a face value only, without any accrued growth.
  • So, if today you contribute R1,000, in 2 months you will have Mavros for R1,960 on your account.
  • If today you contribute R10,000, in 2 months you will have Mavros for R19,600 on your account.
Your Mavros (it means your money also! :-)) almost double after 2 months!
This promo is one more tool for you to build your own team of referrals and downliners (getting bonuses for them). MMM is our chance to get worthy and financially independent life! We should do everything to avail it.
Spread the truth about MMM. Help others and be helped.
Together we shall overcome!