Sunday, 15 May 2016



Introducing another LEAP program in Bayugan City last March 26,2016 which budget released to Guider Princess Gemina. It’s a group effort conducted by TEAM Lawig aiming to help less fortunate people. Before they started the event speaker give brief information about MMM explaining it in detailed. Guest has carefully listened and asks questions how MMM system run. Presenter manages to answer all their queries and cited few example of MMM events that have benefited thousands of Filipino people. This way, he captured everyone’s attention and leaves a good impression to the visitors. As they continued the discussion guest able to know about technical matter also related in MMM Personal office. Before they end this program, LEAP Program rules and guidelines are being discussed and the responsibility of the members as MMM lend them small amount to start a livelihood task. After the release of funds everyone entice to register and took pictures as one of the requirements upon joining MMM. Successful LEAP program as we may see because there are 11 new participants give donation immediately.
Justice, Kindness and honesty in the modern world aren’t a myth or fantasy anymore! With MMM they are a reality! Together, we’ll be able to change the world!!! Long Live MMM and Sergey Mavrodi!