Sunday, 15 May 2016



The only way to continue is to pause when you need to but never give up so success can still be attained. Luningning Ordoyo on March 14, 016 had a great time sharing MMM and the ideology especially because of the LEAP. Little by little her old and new group is starting to grow again and that is the reason of her gratefulness to the MMM Community for the LEAP Program. As can be seen in the video, they are both happy sharing things to each other.
She was able to gain the trust of People in MMM and the LEAP is a great help in doing it. Because of the LEAP participants are not scared to donate their spare money anymore. By the way, when we say it’s spare money it is an amount we can afford to lose. And it’s a very big help for us specially a big part of our group encountered the pause mode and now thanks God they started to trust and share the ideology of MMM again. Now, they are excited for the next LEAP event.Thank you Sir Sergey Mavrodi and TEAM EPRS! “Together we change the world!”