Sunday, 15 May 2016


Dear MMM China participants:
  Hello everyone!MMM,Dream with heaven and earth!!MMM China leaders quality training eleventh is about to open!!We together are the power! We together change the world!!!Now the eleventh issue of MMM China leaders training matters announced as follows:
 1.Eleventh the quality of the 1 leaders of the training by the Anastasiya supervisor, training assistant team responsible for assisting the teacher arranged matters.
 2.Eleventh leaders quality students mandatory requirements: straight push 30 people, the team of 300 people, both need to be satisfied at the same time!
Meet the requirements of the students please sign up

Successful registration of the students please login MMM Chinese leader quality training school official website:   Please fill in the information
    A.Please fill in the registration information truthfully, for the smooth graduation MMM nickname requirements to fill in the 2-4 Chinese characters, only allowed to fill in once, do not repeat the registration, to avoid the pressure and burden to the data statistics. Violation of cancellation
    B. registered Google mail needs to use the VPN software, the students did not have the VPN software is recommended to open the following link:
Screenshot links can be obtained at the following sites:
3. registration time: May 3th - May 9th. Out of date.
4 .training time: May 9th - May 28th
5 if you have any questions, please consult your Thousand group or Ten thousand groups  manager. However, please ensure that the conditions are in line with and in March 20th -April 15th  to participate in training and re registration.
6. Meet the conditions and successfully enrolled students, enrollment QQ email within 48 hours after the deadline, received training assistant team
sent the invitation mail group to training. Please operate according to the message prompt.Mail theme:welcome to MMM China's eleventh leaders quality
7. Before signing up to read the MMM leadership quality training school for all students to say:
   MMM not only taught how to do the project, but also taught a lot of other knowledge. Unity and cooperation among students. Help each other. To cultivate the subjective initiative, you are the senior leadership of MMM. You will dominate all of MMM! Here, you will learn how to be a leader, build your own structure, develop your community, and change your life! In 2016, join us! Let us work together to create brilliant! Financial revelation is inevitable! Together we change the world!!!
   Finally, pay attention to! be careful! be careful! Official training school all training is free, if the member in the registration encountered leaders malicious spite, abusing power for personal gain and extortion charges provide screenshots registration, please the majority of the members of a positive report, verified after the will of the leaders in the account severely punish!!
  Official report email address:
  Welcome to MMM China leadership quality training school!!!!!!
 MMM China's official leadership quality training school everything is free! free of charge! free of charge!!!!