Sunday, 15 May 2016


MMM is the mutual-aid community where people help each other and build a fair world together. From time to time we reward the participants for their good intentions. Today is such a day!
  • One thousand participants, who provided help in May, were credited with additional 2000 MAVRO-RMB.
  • One hundred participants who provided help over the last week, were rewarded with MAVRO to buy a new iPhone 6s.
  • One lucky participants, who provided yesterday, was rewarded with Mavro to buy a new car worth of RMB 325,000!
The winners of this “competition” are chosen randomly. Check your MAVRO — you might be among the lucky ones?;)
Participate in MMM and we will continue to please you with unexpected cool gifts!
Here is the letter we have just received and couldn’t help sharing it with you. This text once again proves that we are moving in the right direction. These are you, ordinary MMM participants, who provided help to this man and saved the girl’s life. The mutual-aid community really works!
“Dear Sergey Mavrodi. A few days ago I got terrible news — my beloved niece who suffers from acute kidney failure was in an urgently need of kidney transplantation. The transplant operation is very expensive. Neither her parents nor other relatives have that amount of money.
We didn't know what to do - banks refused to give us such a big loan, friends' donation wasn't enough even for a tenth of the operation cost. What happened then seems to be a true miracle, but in the last lottery I matched all the 6 winning numbers and won the jackpot of $ 500,000. I don't know how to express my happiness and emotions.
I am writing to you and crying at the same time.... I got help from other participants on Wednesday and immediately transferred the money to the hospital. After a few hours my niece had a surgery. Today I have found out that the operation was successful, the girl's condition has stabilized, Very soon she will run around again and make us happy with her white smile. Thank you very much for being with us. MMM saved her life!!!”
Sincerely yours,
MMM Administration.