Sunday, 15 May 2016



Our MMM Community is constantly growing, participants reach into thousands. Some charity event and good deeds done all over Philippines. Another table event organized by Guider Maria Cyrene Raymundo, dated March 23, 2016 with her special guest from call center, she explains about MMM Community and Ideology. She also shows the benefit of being an MMM participants by telling about herself experience from the day she decided to join MMM. Guests got amazed he way she explained everything. They even understand well the main goal of our Community. Prior to the said event she already had some prospect members in their community that she invited to witness her table meeting.  Lots of them decided to join MMM after the table meeting. Foods been served after the discussion.
Justice, Kindness and honesty in the modern world aren’t a myth or fantasy anymore! With MMM they are a reality! Together, we’ll be able to change the world!!! Long Live MMM and Sergey Mavrodi!