Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Like any traditional meeting of other guider, this one is organized by Guider Ever Solloso, last April 5, 2016 and the event was organized inside the internet café in his residence. It was attended with 5 participants and the good thing is that 2 of the attendees were able to provide a help and 3 of the rest attendees made a promise to provide a help later.
Despite the hearsays of the attendees of the current situation of MMM Philippines today, it was clearly answered and give hopes for old participants, and like any table meetings, it was with prayer and the meeting was started 5pm in the afternoon and the concepts of mmm was presented, the ideology, how it works, the bitcoins, the execution of PH and GH inside the personal office of MMM.
It was a successful event because of the positive response of the attendees and the amount they had provided after the presentation and the promises made by the rest of the attendees. We believe that proper education is the best method in inviting new participants.
Together we change the world! Long Live MMM!